The four areas of investment for substantial capital appreciation in the medium to long-term:

1. Commercial Income Producing Properties

  • A balanced portfolio of central London commercial property, with a steady rental income stream and anticipated capital appreciation in the medium to long-term.
  • Life of the investment is 5 to 7 years and target returns are between 8% and 15% per annum.
  • An attractive opportunity for investors with a medium to long investment horizon, as an alternative to traditional fixed income investment products.

2. Residential Income Producing Properties

  • A balanced portfolio of residential properties in exclusive locations within central London. The properties produce a rental income stream to meet any debt obligations.
  • An attractive opportunity for investors with a medium to long-term investment horizon, with an appetite for capital appreciation.

3. Central London Property Developments

  • Investment in residential and commercial properties in prime London locations, which present refurbishment/ renovation opportunities.
  • The average investment life is 12 to 18 months, and target returns vary from 15 to 40% depending on the project.
  • This product will be attractive to investors seeking superior returns in the short to medium term, with an appetite for riskier investments.

4. Short-Term High-Interest Property Secured Lending

  • High yielding bridge loans secured by means of a first charge on investment properties in London, held by either individuals or businesses.
  • The loan period is for a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 12 months, the interest charged is in the range of 9% to 12% per annum.
  • An investment product suitable for investors that prefer to invest in short-term products that offer significantly higher returns than conventional bank deposit interest rates.

Short-Term Loans

Residential Real Estate Funds

Commercial Real Estate Funds

Bespoke Fund

Income Projections Annualised*

5.5% - 8.5% 0% 5% 5%

Capital Growth Projections Annualised*

n/a 10% - 25% 5% - 8%  5% - 8%

Total Return Track Record*

5.5% - 8.5%

21.2% Malvern

47.8% Cumberland

29.9% per annum



Minimum Amount Invested

£100,000 £500,000 £250,000 £1,500,000

Term (years)

<1 1.5 - 2 5 - 7 Investor's choice


Stable short-term income High short-term capital growth Regular cash flow
Asset protection and growth
Flexible strategy


2% annual fee
20% from profit upon sale
1.5% annual fee
10% from profit upon sale
4% for turnkey projects


*Net, after expenses, management fees and taxes

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